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This is a comprehensive list of all donor-funded scholarships awarded by Texas A&M University-Commerce for the Fall 2023 – Spring 2024 Scholarship Cycle. Scholarship award amounts vary and are often awarded based on several factors including, but not limited to, demonstrated academic success, donor criteria and financial need.

To be considered for any of these scholarship opportunities, you must successfully complete the general application as well as any supplemental applications for scholarships that you may be recommended for. After completing these steps, you can follow the application status on your dashboard.

Deadline: This is the date by which you should complete the General Application, any Supplemental Applications, or any individual scholarship applications to receive consideration.

Award: The amount stated is for general information purposes and not a guarantee of what you may receive if awarded. Actual award amounts can vary based on recipient eligibility, available funds, and other factors.

Actions: Upon completion of the General Application and any Supplemental Applications, you will be automatically be matched to scholarships for which you meet the criteria based on information provided on the application as well as other data being imported from our Banner System. These scholarships indicate “None” under “Action” and require no additional information from you for consideration. Other scholarships for which you may qualify indicate “Apply” under “Action” and require additional information be provided for consideration. A list of these scholarships can be found once students log in to the portal by viewing Recommended Opportunities from the Opportunities tab. You should read each description thoroughly and only apply to those opportunities for which you qualify for.

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Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Varies Dr. Joanne Olivard Foundation Scholarship Endowment
Recipient must be a student who graduated from a Delta, Fannin or...
Varies Northeast Texas Endowment
Recipient shall be a transfer from Northeast Texas Community...
$1,000.00 per year Freshmen Leo Interscholastic Merit Scholarship Program
First-time freshman students who do not qualify for any of the Student...
Varies First Year Leadership Class Scholarship
CRITERIA: What is the First Year Leadership Class (FLC)? Each year, FLC...
Varies Bill, Gloria & James Aslan Endowment
All undergraduate students majoring in mathematics are encouraged to...
Varies Bill, Gloria & James Aslan Graduate Student Endowment
Recipient(s) should be pursuing a graduate degree in...
Varies Cecil B. Wright Scholarship Endowment
Recipients shall be students majoring in mathematics. Recipient’s...
Varies Chapman & Dr. Ruth Ann White Scholarship Endowment
Applicant must have a 3.0 college GPA Student must be pursuing a...
Varies Dale & Betty Bedgood Scholarship in Mathematics
Undergraduate mathematics majors currently enrolled in Calculus II or...
Varies Dennis Grantham Graduate Math Endowment
Recipients shall be graduate students majoring in...
Varies Dr. Chuck & Donna Holt Math Educator Endowment
Recipient(s) shall be Junior or Senior level students pursuing a...
Varies Dr. Jimmy D. And Sherroll A. Shirley Endowment
Student(s) with any major in the following departments:...
Varies Gary W. McCollum Endowment for Undergraduate Students
This endowment shall be used for undergraduate scholarships in...
Varies Greater Texas Foundation Project STEEM Endowment
To provide scholarships to certain students enrolled at Texas A&M...
Varies Hoyle & Ann Oglesby Julian Math Endowment
Scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate. Recipient shall be a...
Varies John & Elaine Yznaga Mathematics Endowment
Recipients shall be majoring in mathematics. Recipient’s name can be...
Varies Rachel Lafferty Mathematics Endowment
Recipients shall be deserving mathematics students as determined by...
Varies Rose M Roetto Scholarship Endowment
Student(s) majoring in Computer Science with a preference given to...
Varies Weldon "Bub" Taylor Math Endowment
Recipients shall be math majors. Recipient’s name can be published as...