Joe B. Hinton Football Endowment

  • When the funds are used for student grants, eligibility will be based on the recommendation of a committee designated by the Athletic Director.
  • When the funds are used for program enhancement and development, the following criteria may be considered: 1. Expenditures will be disbursed only to the improvement of the football program, including staff development 2. All expenditures shall be approved by the Director of Advancement Services and co-signed by the Vice President to whom the director reports.
  • Recipient’s name can be published as a scholarship recipient via e-mail and newspapers.
  • If the scholarship offer is at least $1,000 and you are not a Texas resident, this scholarship will waive non-resident tuition charges. The non-resident tuition waiver will not be received in cash; however, an adjustment will be made to your tuition bill.
  • The scholarship will be credited to my student account 10-days prior to the start of each semester.
  • Failure to meet these requirements may cause my scholarship to be revoked.
  • Scholarship is non-renewable.

Joe B. Hinton