Gary Casey

Gary Casey

E. J. Casey Jr. was born to tenant farmers in Ridgeway TX, 1912, 3rd child out of 6. He graduated from HS in either Emblem or Oakland TX, Hopkins County [not sure which]. He attended East Texas and received a certificate [I was surprised to find this document in his stuff when I was helping MOM clean out their house, following his death in 1998—probably not equivalent to a 2 year degree— I do not know where this doc is] which allowed him to teach in the same school of his graduation [I have seen his picture with the school kids— probably about 35-40 total, 1st grade thru HS senior].

E. J. Casey Jr. was a veteran of the European Theater WWII, awarded Purple Heart medal with Oak Leaf cluster— mustered out as a Sergeant. He re-assumed his “dock hand” job with General Motors in Dallas after the war. He retired as Office Manager of the Dallas Parts warehouse for GM. All the way from a “farm laborer” to the 3rd highest position at the Dallas warehouse.

He was a good Christian man and Father to Gary [Masters of Chemical Engineering, Lamar U. and Professional Engineer] and Michael [Rice U. and MD from UT Galveston— orthopedic surgeon and member of the Society of the Hand in OR]. [Gary was born in Commerce, 1944, shortly before D-Day]

E. J. Casey Jr.‘s first grandchild/daughter [arguably his favorite— and my oldest] graduated from Texas A&M University, College Station with a Bachelor’s in Accounting [now a CPA in Houston]. I have a picture of them making mud pies, circa 1972— fond memory for all of us.

Mom passed in 2000— she and Dad left a very small estate to their boys. My wife is a retired 2nd grade teacher from KY. So, we decided to honor my Father’s significant impact on our lives by using some of their money to establish a teaching scholarship in his name— at his school, that got his life started and thus changed our lives positively.

And, My Dad’s favorite nieces both graduated from Texas A&M University Commerce with teaching degrees. The youngest just retired from teaching special ED in the Sulphur Springs system [Rebecca Hathcoat, Brashear TX – maiden name Casey].