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Earl Oldham, Sr.

Mr. Oldham earned his MEd at East Texas State University and attended school in the summer sessions of 1955-1959. His B.S. Degree was from ETBC and his MEd from ETSU allowed Mr. Oldham to have a forty year career in education as a sixth grade teacher, an elementary principal, an Assistant-Superintendent for Instruction and an adjunct in the student teaching program at SHSU. He retired in 1998. Mr. Oldham is very active in the community of Tomball, Texas, serving in the Rotary Club and PTA for 30 years.

Mr. Oldham established this scholarship to honor his mother and father for the sacrifices they made to ensure that their four children had an opportunity to receive a college education. Mr. Oldham and his siblings consider their parents to be the quintessential model of caring and loving Christian parents who wanted the best for their children.

He now has 2 children, three grandsons and one granddaughter.