Drs. Leonard & Linda Merrell

Drs. Leonard & Linda Merrell

The Merrell Family Scholarship was established in 2015 at Texas A&M University-Commerce to honor the legacy of W.T. and Adaline Merrell, who stressed the importance of a continuing education and raised two Texas public school educators. Linda Thomas Merrell and Leonard Merrell, who met and married at East Texas State University, funded this scholarship to assist a student or students from Fannin County, Texas who express a desire to pursue an education degree and become a public school teacher.

W.T. and Adaline Merrell began their working careers as educators. Although their profession in teaching wasn’t long, their desire to provide an education for their children, Peggy Merrell Smith and Leonard Merrell was always their expectation. Following in their dad’s footsteps of earning a bachelor’s degree from East Texas State College, both Peggy and Leonard completed bachelor’s degrees from East Texas State University. Additionally, Leonard earned a master’s and a doctorate and Linda earned all three of her degrees from the University. Peggy taught for over ten years, and Leonard and Linda, combined, spent sixty-six years serving public school students of Texas.

We are pleased to be able to provide this scholarship in memory of W.T. and Adaline Merrell, who demonstrated and emphasized that the road to happiness and success was through a quality education. They believed in the ability of East Texas State University to educate their children and prepare them for their life ahead. We are pleased to provide that same opportunity for others through this scholarship at Texas A&M University-Commerce.

-Dr’s Linda and Leonard Merrell