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Dr. Harry Fullwood

My name is Harry Fullwood, I am a 1968 graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a Ph.D. in Mental Retardation and other areas of special needs. I taught school in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for two years and at the end of the second year applied for a fellowship from the J.F. Kennedy Foundation for support in the area of Mental Retardation. I was granted that award and earned a Masters in Teaching at Central State College, Edmond. Oklahoma and was then granted and extension to complete a doctoral degree in the area of Mental Retardation by the Kennedy Foundation which I completed in 1968, University of Oklahoma. I accepted a teaching position in the Psychology/Special Education Department, East Texas State University, Commerce, Texas beginning in the Fall of 1968 and remained employed by this institution until my retirement in 2012.

I was granted Professor Emeritus status in 2012 by the A&M university system after 43 years of teaching, research and service to TAMUC. I always enjoyed teaching and was part of the training program for 1000’s of young Special Educators over my tenure. I am most proud of those folks and the service they have provided to special needs individuals throughout the country.

I established scholarships in education as “payback” for the assistance I was afforded during my graduate training as a young educator. With a family already established when I graduated with a B.A. degree, it would have been most difficult to achieve advance graduate training without the aid of the Kennedy Foundation and I never forgot the assistance. My mother received a scholarship after graduation with honors from high school but was not able to complete her university training. I know she always appreciated that support and I chose to honor her in my endowment to TAMUC.