Billy “Bo” Dickinson Memorial Endowment

This endowment was established by Billy Dickinson’s mother, Tammy Klein. When she established the fund, so provided this brief explanation of why it was important to her:

“My son was 6’ 2” blonde and blue eyed young man, who weighed 230 lbs. His dimples would win your heart with his perfect smile. His voice would send chill bumps to listen to the various styles of music he composed and delivered to the audience. I want the student to understand the reason for this scholarship and how music was my son’s greatest love. I would like to have a student to want the same enjoyment in life as he. My son had just begun his life in music when fate changed us all. I want his love for music to carry on to others with the same direction. He played several instruments (percussion drums, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, organ, banjo, harmonica, 6 & 12 string acoustic) and was a self-taught musician.”