Atmos Energy Scholarship

Atmos Energy Scholarship

Atmos Energy supports education at Texas A&M University-Commerce through an endowment established in the fall of 2007. Sandra Doyle, former Director of Public Affairs at Atmos Energy, helped initiate the funds as a board member of the university’s Foundation.

“It’s the number one priority at Atmos Energy to support education,” Doyle said. “We know how important it is to educate our youth, and there is a huge need for engineers.
We are hoping to encourage and motivate more engineering students to develop an interest in the energy industry.”

Carlos Robles was awarded the Atmos Energy Scholarship in his junior year. “It’s always good to know that companies like Atmos Energy are looking out for students and finding ways to help them during school. I am very grateful to have received
the scholarship,” Carlos said. “I’ve looked into the natural gas field, and I have become very interested in that area. I have kept in contact with the individuals I met so far at the company, and they have truly enlightened me.”

(Taken from the Spring 2012 edition of the Pride Alumni Magazine)